Candide —
Journal for Architectural Knowledge

Candide No. 5 — 03/2012 — Fiction

Katherine Romba, Maria Smith, Pedro Gadanho, Philip Allin, Susana Oliveira
Five Short Stories.

Oliveira: A White Fold — For many years two men met to secretly design the plans of a perfect city.


Allin: Crux – The story of two competing architects and the way their ambition and inspiration cross over in their work and beyond.


Romba: A House – For any given architectural structure we are capable of a range of different, even conflicting, experiences.


Smith: A Fable of Form and Function — Long ago, all the earth’s creatures were free to change form whenever they liked.


Gadanho: Fables of the Reconstruction – Four micro-narratives revisit the genre of the fable as a tool for architectural critique.

Candide No. 5, 03/2012